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Postpartum Care Specialist aka Doula


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30 minutes of time to ask away!

Postpartum Care Services

Postpartum care is offered on a 4, 10, or 25 week basis. Each week you will receive a 1 hour ​video call and access to regular office hours via text to discuss additional concerns as they ​come up throughout the week. Every level of care will also receive the option of 1 or 2 ​additional thirty minute video calls as well as a gift 🎁 upon completion of services!

Extended office hours are available at an additional cost for clients contracted for 25 ​weeks of care.


Creating Self Care Postpartum

An opportunity for families to work through creating a personalized plan for actionable ​self care postpartum. Often, when it comes to creating a self care routine, it's a one size fits ​all or overly glamorous routine.The goal of this workshop is to work with you to create a ​personalized plan that will work just for you. Only the bells and whistles you want in a ​routine you're able to maintain based on your schedule.

Postpartum Support Specialist Training

This is a 4 week long, virtual platform training. Every Thursday we'll have a live class where ​we'll dive into the history and methodologies of postpartum support.

The best part, this is a certificate bearing course!

Spring Session Starts April 11th, 2024. be sure to grab your spot!

About Sunshine, Comfort, & Care

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Sunshine, Comfort, & Care is a postpartum support service ​for families with new additions. Established in 2019 by ​Brianna Brown, SC&C strives to assist parents as they make ​the delicate transition into parenthood whether it's your first ​time or ninth. My goal is to support you and your family by ​being a resource for questions, a sounding board for ​concerns and worries, and a trumpet for all of your new ​celebrations. In my personal time I enjoy listening to audio ​books, crocheting, and crushing my clients' expectations of ​what postpartum care can look like 🎉


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"Truly invaluable! I felt so prepared ​because of my support from Brianna"

Five Stars Rating

"The Creating Self Care Postpartum ​workshop was so informative. Not ​only did we shape my routine but ​planned for emergency care as well."

Five Stars Rating

We will definitely be returning for ​additional support after the next baby ❤

Five Stars Rating

Business Hours

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Sunday - Tuesday : Closed

Wednesday: 9a-4p : Workshops

Thursday: 1-2:30p Postpartum Support Specialist Training

Spring Course - April 11th to May 2nd

Friday: 10a-3p Postpartum Care Services

Regular Office Hours: Wed, Thurs, Fri 4p-7p

Extended Office Hours: Saturday 11a- 4p

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