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Who We Are

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Sunshine, Comfort, & Care is a training agency ​specializing in the education of postpartum support ​specialists. Our goal is to help cultivate the support ​village by adding trained specialists to it. Our goal is to ​also to educate families in postpartum wellness. , ​improving maternal morality outcomes.

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What is a postpartum support specialist: An ​informed guide for families after they bring ​home baby. We provide information about a ​number of things from feeding support to ​mental health changes.

What We Offer

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Postpartum Support Specialist Training

You’re a helper. A community minded baddie. A support system to the folx in ​your life. You’re ready to take the leap into learning how to help families in the ​maternal wellness space. You’re ready to become the village that so many ​families need once they bring baby home. Let’s get into it!

This course will cover all the need to know info about the postpartum period ​from feeding to mood disorders. You’ll leave feeling fully prepared to serve ​families.

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  • Fully Virtual
  • Duration: 4 Weeks
  • Recommended Readings
  • Weekly Discussion Questions
  • Completion Project
  • Certificate Bearing


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Workshops for Families

Creating Self Care Postpartum

An opportunity for families to work through creating a ​personalized plan for actionable self care postpartum. Often, when it ​comes to creating a self care routine, it's a one size fits all or overly ​glamorous routine.The goal of this workshop is to work with you to ​create a personalized plan that will work just for you. Only the bells ​and whistles you want in a routine you're able to maintain based on ​your schedule.


30 minutes of time to ask away!

About the Founder

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As a child educator and mentor, teaching and learning have always ​been my passions! When I made my transition into maternal ​wellness, I brought those passions with me, establishing Sunshine, ​Comfort, & Care first as a postpartum service that I brought to ​families to educate and support them along their postpartum ​journeys. My work in the maternal wellness space brought to my ​attention the issue of the Village that many mothers and families ​rely on for healthy transitions into postpartum life is (and has been ​for quite some time) dwindling. Not only dwindling, but causing ​harm to communities. I was inspired to contribute to being a part ​of the change that our birthing communities need by adding more ​professionals to this space. My goal in beginning this training ​agency is to educate folx in how they can support postpartum ​families in an effort to bring the Village back to the community that ​has been calling for them.


"Truly invaluable! I felt so prepared ​because of my support from Brianna"

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"The Creating Self Care Postpartum ​workshop was so informative. Not ​only did we shape my routine but ​planned for emergency care as well."

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We will definitely be returning for ​additional support after the next baby ❤

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Educating Families. Cultivating the Village.

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